Table – kit

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In Table Kit, the classic working desk is taken to the next level. By adding playfulness, a seemingly boring piece of furniture is rejuvenated.

The design is influenced by memories of children’s constructions sets as well as building facades, overlapping surfaces, and set design principles. The concept is to transform basic architectural elements into furniture components.

Just as vertical partitions, horizontal surfaces, and columns create space within a building, they combine to build a desk. My motto was: “Build your own house, on the table”.

The grid of routed holes gives you freedom to configure the round timbers, and these in turn support the various horizontal and vertical work surfaces.  The collection of complementary pieces combine to become an ultra-customizable workstation. As the users or functions change, the table can changes too. The variety of Table Kit component colors, sizes and heights allows it be accessible to all and unique to all. Customizable solutions are essential. The simplicity and modularity of Table kit allows for ease of fabrication and affordability.